Mini Hotel and Yacht Club

Real Estate ID: P202000126

Region: Tivat

Krasici village is a tourist pearl of Tivat bay and Lustica peninsula. Krasici is located on the Lustica Peninsula and overlooks the entire Bay of Kotor. Krasici has a direct view of the “Gate of theBay” – Verige, a place through which you can see the historic town of Perast, significant for its architecture and world famous for the greatest sailors and captains of the Adriatic.

The place Krasici is hidden in the bay and is protected from the direct influence of the waves from the open sea. A quiet place with beautiful surroundings. On the same peninsula Lustica is located luxury tourist residential complex Lustica Bay, opposite Krasic, in Marina Tivat, is located world famous marina for mega yachts Porto Montenegro. Also across from Krasic, 3 km away, is the resort of Porto Novi, on whose territory the Hotel One&Only Porto Novi is located. From Krasici, 4 km by plane, in the town of Bijela, the largest service in the Mediterranean for mega yachts Adriatika 42.

For Krasici, it is extremely important that Tivat Airport is less than 6 km away in a straight line, which is also a physical distance by sea. The presence of a port as part of the airport makes it possible to bring passengers to it by sea. Also an important indicator for yacht owners: near Krasici there are two gas stations for refueling boats. One is located in Porto Montenegro, the second in Porto Novi. The fact that Krasici is an exceptional place is confirmed by an active tourist attraction. Not so long ago was located
here an extremely important strategic point- the tunnel for submarines of the former Yugoslav army, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Krasici and is now a very popular tourist attraction.

The area itself is a very attractive place for divers. Professional and amateur divers from all over the world are attracted by the entire Bay of Kotor, which offers them unusual views in the form of shipwrecks, amphorae from ancient times, as well as a rich maritime culture. The combination of all this in one place makes it clear that this is a paradise for lovers of the sea and sea sports, and an ideal place both for work and for leisure and entertainment.

  • Hotel area (directly on the beach) 639m2

  • The maximum capacity of the hotel is 12 beds.

  • On the hotel’s beach there is a pontoon owned by the resort that can be used as an open bar with deck chairs and umbrellas.

  • Restaurant, a snack bar and a beach 500m2

According to the Law of the State of Montenegro, when investing in tourist and maritime objects of the category 4 stars and higher, the investor is entitled to a refund of value added tax (VAT) in the amount of 21% of the total investment.

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