Lavender House …

… is a luxurious two-storey residential building with a view of the Bay of Kotor and Mount Lovcen

Real Estate ID: P202000121

Region: Kotor

The village is located in the southwestern part of the Kotor municipality, in the Grbalj region. It is recognized as a rural area of special value and a significant agricultural area. It is characterized by a relatively small out population and vernacular architecture with traditional Mediterranean “dry edge” stone walls. On the grounds on which the property is located, there are small lavender fields, which So the property got its name.

The location offers a view of the part of Boka Bay known as the Tivat Archipelago, as well as Mount Lovćen to the east. Access to the settlement is reached through the main road Budva-Tivat, and the location is 2.8 km away from it. Although administratively it belongs to the municipality of Kotor, the nearest town is Tivat, 13 km away.

Tivat airport – 15 min, Tivat town – 10min, ferry – 25 min, Kotor town – 20 min, Tivat archipelago – Stradioti island, Bigova beach – 10 min, connection to the main road – 5 min, traffic circle to Kotor town – 10min.

Lavender House is a two-story luxury residential building with two duplex units. The building is oriented to provide a view of Boka.

On one side the bay and on the other the mountain Lovćen. It is positioned so that the large ground level terraces and all facilities face the sea. The land on which the building is located is divided into three units, one of which belongs to each owner, while the third is a common area and where there are parking spaces. Each of the apartments has two parking spaces along the street.

The building was designed to provide total privacy for the owners, and this was achieved by forming a stone wall on the east side in the area between the building and the parking lot. The apartments have completely independent entrances, and the building property is divided vertically. In this way, each of the owners gets a room on the first floor with a large terrace, a sleeping area on the second floor also with terraces and, as an additional and exclusive feature, a roof terrace accessible from the inside.

As for the equipment, the apartments are fully equipped with all the elements necessary for a pleasant and comfortable life. On the stone wall near the parking lot there are two electric chargers for the owner’s cars. The entire site is equipped with adequate landscape lighting. All other electrical installations comply with local and European regulations. Each of the buildings has an independent tank for drinking and sanitary water with a volume of 9m3.

The wastewater is first treated in a small biopurification plant and then discharged into a natural receiving watercourse. Each of the rooms in the building is equipped with multi-split indoor air conditioners. External units are located in places where they do not affect the comfort of users. The entire building is equipped with electric floor heating with controllers. A special atmosphere offers the owners of the apartments the roof terrace prepared for a Jacuzzi, from which you can enjoy an exceptional view of the bay of Boka.

Price: 245.000 €

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